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"Pony Boy - Tibetan Nomad"

Item 18 of 40 in Fall Exhibition 2022
"Pony Boy - Tibetan Nomad" by Birgit Coath, AFCA

General Information

Pony Boy - Tibetan Nomad
Birgit Coath, AFCA (Click to view artist website)
24" x 24"
Oil on Gallery Stretched Canvas
Available for Sale
At the foot of the holy Mount Kailash in the far reaches of western Tibet I met this nomad as he was preparing to leave his summer pastures. My friend and I hired him to lead us to our base camp. He put us on ponies and walked us down to a lower altitude of 1600 feet.
His running shoes had no laces and he had nylon socks with runs in them. He waded across icy streams and picked his way through difficult terrain. The next morning he showed up at camp dressed like a prince....his very best!
What this image captures is his strength and centeredness. What it does not show is the brilliant smile he gifted me each time we threaded our way through difficult terrain and he saw I was OK.
Yes, it was an adventure! What a gift.
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