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Login Help for Members

Only Members of the organisation need to or have the option to Login to the website.  

If you are a non-member visitor, you should simply use the menu on the left to access information about the art and the artists of the organisation, and for information about the Guild.  You may want to start with the Home page.  

For members, the additional information below is about the Login Process and answers relating to your access to this website. If you do not have, or have forgotten your Username and Password, please contact Janet Hilts.


How Do I Login?

Receiving your User Name and Password

At some stage (when this website was implemented or when you joined the organization) you would have received an e-mail from the website with a User Name and a temporary password. The first time you logged in, you would have been prompted to change your temporary password to one that was more memorable.


If you are a new member you can login now using the User Name and the Password from the e-mail you would have received from the website.


Lost or Forgotten User name or Password.

If you are missing this information or if you have lost or forgotten it, you can request that this information be sent to you in a new e-mail.  See the instructions for this below. 



Login Steps  - 


  • Go to the organization website home page; 
  • In the upper left hand corner there is a menu item labelled Member Log InWhen you click on this menu item -  it becomes a box
  • Fill in your Login ID in the box called Username AND your password in the next box — NOTE these items are case sensitive - do not use capitals, blanks or special characters
  • Check the box next to Remember Me Next Time - see explanation below
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • You will be now be Logged In. However, if you had entered a new, temporary password you will first be prompted to change it. Enter a new, more memorable password (twice) as requested if you want to. If you do, from this point on you must use the new password. Otherwise you can keep using the "temporary" password.

You then get the words "You are logged in as YOUR NAME" to confirm that you have successfully logged in. 
Otherwise, you will get a message indicating a Login Failure. Try re-entering the ID and password carefully. If this fails again you may wish to request a new password via e-mail by clicking on the corresponding link in the Login Failure error message. 


Remember Me Next Time

If you checked the box next to Remember Me Next Time, which you would normally do only when you are on your own computer, you can remain logged in between sessions, even if the computer is shut down, as long as you do not Logout.  The next time you start up your internet browser you will already be logged in.


The Logout box is obvious and you should use this when your session is over and you are not on your home or normal computer. Otherwise, another user of that computer would be able to acces your website.


Note that there is a Settings button on the login status box. If you click on this button this is a shortcut to the Personal Information page in your site and you can then select Change Password or Personal Information to change either (see below). 
Click on the Login button. 

Member Login
Remember Me Next Time