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Artist on Display

Brenda Brown                                                       

Brenda BrownBrenda comes from a family of creative makers, tinkerers, and artists.  She has lived in wild and rural settings; the foothills of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, to Coastal Alaska, and along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia. 

  • Raised 4 amazing children; is delighting in her grandchildren.
  • Trained by mentors, workshops taught by professional artists, and over 25 years of self-learning and practice.
  • Founding member of North Coast Artists’ Cooperative. Active in the Canadian Federation of Artists; Nanaimo and Arrowsmith Chapters, member of Art 10 Gallery, Dawson Creek Art Gallery, and current artist resident of TOSH.
  • B.S Degree in Human Development, over 30 years as an educator in grades K to 12.

Brenda works in printmaking, watercolour, oils, acrylic, pastel and ink.  She produces 3-d works and jewelry in copper and silver. She enjoys teaching others to create and express themselves with their own art; working out of her studio in Nanaimo. Since moving south to Vancouver Island in 2018, Brenda has discovered the joy of en plein air. Some of her other interests include gardening, kayaking, snowboarding, travel, photography, and road trips. 







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