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Membership Dues

Mail your Arrowsmith Chapter membership dues AND a copy of your receipt for payment of your Vancouver dues to:

Sylvie Bart                              Email
188 Fire Dance Lane
Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 2L6


Pay membership dues online
Pay Membership Dues Online


New Member?

Prospective new chapter members may join and pay at any time during the year. Dues received after Oct 1st will be applied to the remainder of the year, and the whole of the following year.

NOTE: You can also pay your dues at the November and January General Meetings. Dues are due in January.

National membership dues vary with the type of membership – they are due in December (but can be paid before that) and can be paid online through the Vancouver website, or by cheque

Arrowsmith Chapter dues are $20/year, due in JanuaryThis is to allow members to be up to date with their VANCOUVER payments in December before paying Chapter dues.

NOTE: you can renew your Vancouver membership for the following year as early as October. 

Renewing members who have already renewed their VANCOUVER dues may pay chapter dues for the upcoming year in person at the November or January chapter meetings, or by mail any time after the November meeting until the end of January. This is a three-month window in which to pay chapter dues.  

Please note chapter dues payments MUST be accompanied by your Vancouver receipt.

Members not paid after January 31 will be removed from our membership list.

If you know you will be away for the 4 month payment period (Oct - Jan), please arrange with Vancouver to pay early, and also mail your Arrowsmith Chapter dues before you leave. 

* Please keep receipt of payment for your VANCOUVER dues, and include a copy of it with your Chapter dues payment.

General Information on the Levels of Membership in the FCA

There are four levels of membership within the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), with a logical progression starting at "Supporting" and working up to up to "Senior Signature".

1. Supporting

This is the first level of membership, and where everyone must start. You MUST be a Supporting member in order to apply for Active Membership. A supporting membership is available to anyone who is interested in art and would like to learn more about it. Supporting Members receive information regarding Federation events on an ongoing and regular basis, including a  subscription to Art Avenue Magazine. Supporting Members are not eligible to enter juried shows.

2. Active 

All the benefits of Supporting Membership, along with eligibility to enter juried shows throughout the FCA and at the chapter level, as well as having a link to your own personal website displayed on both the Vancouver and Chapter websites. Supporting members must be “juried” to Active Status by Signature members. They can arrange for this through Vancouver (see detailed info on the Vancouver website www.artists.ca.
NOTE: The Arrowsmith Chapter no longer juries Active Status. Members must apply through Vancouver.

3. Associate Signature (AFCA)

Once Active Status Members have established themselves as committed artists with a consistently high standard of work, and have had work accepted into numerous juried shows, they may wish to apply for their Associate Signature status (AFCA). In addition to all the benefits of Active Membership, Associate Signature Members are entitled to add the letters “AFCA” after their names and are eligible to enter the annual Spilsbury Medal Show. Associate Signature Members are expected to maintain a consistently high standard of work and to perform “jury” duty for the FCA on an as-needed basis. Active Members must apply to become Associate Signature members and go through a rigorous jury process. The application package is available on the Vancouver website at www.artists.ca 

4. Senior Signature (SFCA)

In addition to all the benefits of an Associate (AFCA) Membership, including eligibility to enter the Spilbury Medal Show and act as jurors, Senior Signature Members are also asked to participate in the annual Board of Governors jurying day (when the AFCA and SFCA applications are reviewed) and are also strongly urged to serve on the Board of Governors (our national Executive) if possible. Associate Signature Members must apply to become Senior Signature members and go through a rigorous jury process. The application package is available on the Vancouver website at www.artists.ca

* Jurying for both levels of Signature Status is done once a year in Vancouver and applications are due in February.

Click here for helpful info on Composing a Portfolio for Signature Status


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