Barbara Botham



Emerging from a background that is at once highly structured, rife with rules, but with plenty of spaces for freedom, I have come to a place where all those attributes settle comfortably about me.


My large studio space has niches and cupboards where all my paraphernalia is allotted a slot.  My large working surface allows for whatever mix of media the image calls for to be at hand.


Freedom enters when ego exits; meditate and muse; flurry and flourish; step back, dive in.  Excitement builds, shapes become a story, sometimes only revealed once I relinquish the tools.


Drawing and painting were part of my life even before sketchbooks and pencils became available to me.  Lipstick works well on walls, and even hard woods can be made to hold a reasonable record of artistic efforts.  My first book of poems was pencilled at six year of age.  My painting was old hat by this time.



Born  and educated in Dublin, Ireland, Barbara has since lived in various places across Canada.  Beautiful Vancouver Island has been home since 2001.


Her paintings and writings have been published both in Canada and Ireland, and she and her paintings have appeared on Vancouver and Vancouver Island television shows.


Barbara has received many awards for her paintings and for her other love, writing.  


Her gallery at 1530 Admiral Tryon Blvd. in Columbia Beach is often open but to avoid disappointment call  (250) 752-1231 in advance.  That will ensure hot tea!


My art never fails to delight, excite and intrigue me.  Often the images proclaim undeniably to me that a force greater than I has a message to impart.  Always being one with source ensures it is the truth.