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blom bio picI am in my own serenity garden while I work in my studio. When I see anything that captures my eye, I want to recreate it in paint. My camera follows me everywhere!

Bright colours, open skies, nature, rustic structures are all inspirations. I am fascinated by water and marinas. They are ever changing and tell so many stories.

I strive to create a mood with colour, composition and space, when pulled together makes a work so inviting, that you naturally want to be a part of it. I always have two or three paintings in progress, and I love to work in oils! I am from Manitoba. I graduated from the School of Art at the U of M, later became a teacher. The rest is history!

Retiring and moving to Vancouver Island has made an extremely positive change in my artistic development. Yes, I love to paint!

email: mcmblom@gmail.com

web: http://margeryblom.com

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