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Growing up in the Maritime provinces of Canada, I was surrounded by the splendor of both land and seascapes. Whether walking along cliff tops as the ocean pounded below, or through the quiet birch forest beside our house in autumn, it was the play of light, colors, textures, and the moods of nature which captured my imagination and created in me a deep love of this beauty.

After high school, I moved to Calgary, Alberta where big sky, prairie and the majesty of the Canadian Rockies became the background to my life. After graduating with honors from the University of Calgary in 1990, with a degree in Education, I began teaching. As I researched different ways to teach art to the grade school children in my classes, I found myself drawn back into the wonder of creating.

I studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, collected books, listened to the encouragement of other artists, and experimented. Now, living on Vancouver Island, amidst the incredible beauty of sea, mountains and sky, I create color-saturated paintings, focusing on simple subjects which fire my imagination and stir in me the passion to paint. The play of light, colors, textures, and the moods of nature that have always fascinated me are now poured into my paintings.

website: www.joannegiesbrecht.com 

blog: www.joannegiesbrecht.blogspot.com

email: info@joannegiesbrecht.com

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