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Born and raised in Alberta, Joan has had a life-long passion for drawing and painting. She included many art electives in her course load while completing a degree in Education. In 1966 she moved with her husband to Vancouver Island and fell in love with the natural beauty of British Columbia’s west coast.

Although a teacher by profession, art has remained her passionate hobby and she has continued to work on developing her artistic skills through courses, reading and many hours of practice. Following retirement from teaching she has had welcome time to pursue a second career as an artist. She has worked with oil paints as well as watercolours but her preferred medium is watercolour which she feels best captures the soft hues and translucent light patterns so prevalent in the west coast environment. The delicate transparency of the medium and the way it can be used to capture and reflect the effects of light and shadow in nature provide a constant challenge.

“I am often filled with awe at the sudden beauty that radiates from an ordinary scene when it becomes illuminated by sunlight.”

Joan strives to capture and communicate to others the emotional tone and beauty of the landscapes and scenes she observes, sharing rare moments of wonder while finding a balance between artistic impression and attention to design and realistic detail.

An active member of the FCA as well as several island arts associations, and a director with the Port Alberni Arts Council, she is pleased to find a growing demand for her paintings and recognition in juried art shows. She has recently completed a number of commissioned paintings. Her works are exhibited in galleries, shops and private homes throughout central Vancouver Island and the Sunshine coast.

Email: djackerman@shaw.ca


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