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Art has been my companion as long as I can remember. Born in Alberta in the late thirties, Art was my pal, whether scribbling, colouring, collecting coloured glass, or later at schools, hearing the school's 'artist'.

After nursing studies in Calgary, and while starting a young family, I was introduced to art mentors and teachers who pushed Art and me along a most interesting journey. I studied watercolours, pastels and oils.

In 1971 our family moved to B.C. With four teenagers, two dogs and a cat, Art was tucked away in a packing crate, landing in Nanoose Bay with the rest of us. Here, to meet others, I joined art groups, who have become my support and inspiration for over thirty years. In 1995, a local chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists was formed, and I became an Associated (AFCA) member in 1996, through peer jurying. I also served as their president. I then became president of the Oceanside Arts Council. Art and I have had our ups and downs. Art has caused me great frustration at times, anxiety meeting deadlines, pushing me to limits that I did not want to venture past, almost to divorce. But, back Art comes, on a new path, a new branch to a tree, and I am standing in front of a canvas or paper, with a different challenge. Printmaking, mixed media, installations, push the the creativeness another step. Solo shows in AB and BC, mixed with group shows and new venues keep me moving ahead.

If you care to join Art and me on this pursuit, I wish you many hours of enjoyment and welcome you into my art family.

Telephone: 250-468-7224

E-mail: disart@telus.net

Website: www.artists.ca/hale

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