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Denise MacDonald was born and raised in Vancouver BC. From an early age she always enjoyed drawing and sketching but her working career moving to Ottawa and raising a family took her away from all that for more than twenty five years. It wasn't until retiring to Qualicum Beach in 2001 from White Rock that she was able to paint every day without many interruptions. It was here that she found the beauty and the need to pursue her love of painting again. That love of drawing from an early age helped tremendously. Many courses and workshops later she is now a member of The Federation Of Canadian Artists, a resident artist in studio "9" at The Old School House In Qualicum Beach and a member of OCAC & DeCosmos in Parksville BC. 

"I am fascinated by color combinations & shapes in a picture. I want to capture & hold the viewers eye and hopefully let my voice be heard through my brushstrokes onto canvas. The most rewarding compliments I receive are when someone tells me they feel the emotion in my painting. Although I paint mainly for the ultimate pleasure it gives me and the fun I have doing it I also have a story that I need to tell each time. Sometimes its a difficult task getting  what I am trying to express on my canvas quickly enough before its gone. It seems my best works to date are also the ones that I just completed in a couple of sittings or even in an instant. The more planning I do for a picture the more my story seems to get lost.

When I'm not painting outdoors in the cooler weather I like to use different  photographs I take  on my trips as ideas only and a starting point for my next painting adventure. Because I have a painterly approach to my work people that come into the studio always ask me 'What place is this or where is it?' and I tell them 'wherever you want it to be'.

At the moment I am working exclusively in acrylics & water based oils & sometimes mixed media. I'm concentrating more on shapes and design, trying to eliminate all that 'extra stuff' that surrounds us visually. I switch back & forth between the two mediums as the need to explore another idea comes up. I particularly like the freedom to express myself that acrylics gives me".

Achievements & Shows

Honorable Mention Sunday Painters 2007
Honorable Mention Oceanside Arts Council Festival Of Art 2008
Honorable Mention Sunday Painters 2008
Chapter & Verse Show OCAC July 2008
Chapter & Verse OCAC July 2009
Sow of works @ The Gallery@Qualicum Art Supply Apr-Aug 2009
2009 Fall Show The Gallery @ Qualicum Art supply
2010 juried Olympic Art Show

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