Federation of Canadian Artists  |  ARROWSMITH CHAPTER

Current Board


Anne Lihou  | email amlihou@shaw.ca

1st Vice President 
Peggy Burkosky | email

2nd Vice President   (position open)

Jan Byers | email jan.byers@shaw.ca
Susan White | email susanwhitestudio@shaw.ca

Diane Michelin | email dianepaints@gmail.com

Susan White | email susanwhitestudio@shaw.ca

Show Coordinators
Dawne Brandel | email mdbrandel@shaw.ca
Birgit Coath | email birgit.coath@telus.net

Past President
Laura Hilts | email lauralhilts@gmail.com

Publicity Chair
Valerie Gilles | email valeriegiles@shaw.ca

Show and Sales Committee
Valerie Gilles | email valeriegiles@shaw.ca

Social Media
Sylvie Bart | email sfbart@shaw.ca
Joanne Giesbrecht | email joannegiesbrecht.com

Janet Hiltsemail janet_hilts@hotmail.com

Lynn Orriss | email

Art Avenue Contact
Lois Goodnough | email loisgoodnough@gmail.com


Diane Michelin  | email dianepaints@gmail.com

Therese Johnston and  Lynn Orriss



Job Descriptions

Please note:  these are very general job descriptions.  In some years, depending on the needs of the chapter and the   size and skill set of the Board, some positions may overlap with others, some may have more tasks, some may have fewer tasks, and some may take on tasks and responsibilities not outlined here.


     Elected Position 

  • Chairs Chapter and Executive meetings and provides a report on the affairs of the Chapter and any communication from the Federation.
  • Prepares the meeting agenda and distributes it to members.
  • Provides leadership for the Chapter and makes sure that the mandate of the FCA is followed.
  • Keeps the membership informed of events, plans and opportunities within the Chapter and the Federation.
  • Ensures the proper functioning of the Chapter
  • Attends Chapter functions such as openings and special meetings.
  • One of two or three signing officers for Chapter bank accounts.
  • Represents the Chapter membership with the Federation.
  • Keeps the Chapter Resource Handbook and other manuals available to members and passes them on to the next executive.


     Elected Position

  • May or may not aspire to serve as the President of the Chapter
  • Attends all Chapter and Executive meetings if possible and is prepared to serve as chairperson in the absence of or by request of the President
  • Responsible to the President and works in a direct and supportive role.
  • Communicates and assists other members of the Executive to carry out duties related to the operational requirements of the Chapter.
  • Participates in and manages projects as agreed by the membership or requested by the President
  • Provides reports, verbal or written, as requested, to the membership.
  • Can be on of three signing officers for the Chapter bank accounts.



  • Unelected member of the Executive, the past President stays on the executive until the current President stands down from office.  
  • A good contact for continuity.


     Elected Position

  • Responsible for maintaining accurate records of all funds of the organization.
  • One of two/three signing officers for the Chapter bank accounts.
  • Maintains the financial business of the Chapter advising/reporting to the Membership at meetings, keeping good records and reconciling bank accounts.
  • Performs financial and cost-benefit analyses as required.


     Elected Position

  • Provides information to anyone interested in joining the chapter (and ensures it is posted on website)
  • Provides information to chapter members seeking to apply for signature status
  • Answers all questions related to membership
  • Maintains accurate, up to date member roster (sends info to webmaster)
  • Handles all membership related tasks, including annual membership renewal
  • Contacts Federation office when needed to determine member status and request member account login and password information on behalf of members
  • Maintains name tags for meetings (updates, makes new ones, hands out at meetings)
  • Welcomes new members at meetings 


     Elected Position

  • Attends all executive and Chapter meetings.
  • Takes accurate minutes at all meetings, including records of resolutions, amendments and actions taken
  • Provides a copy of the minutes to webmaster for posting on website.
  • Keeps a Minute Book and all documents pertaining to the Chapter that are not kept with another officer.
  • Can be one of three Signing Officers for Chapter bank accounts.


     Appointed Position

  • Organizes Chapter Shows
  • Submits requests for exhibitions to appropriate shown venues
  • Works with venue to determine such things as size of show entry, reception details, hanging details, drop off and pick up times
  • Publishes and distributes clear guidelines to members for show entry requirements.
  • Receives the show entry forms and payment (in event of live juried show) or contacts Vancouver to set up on line jurying for digital entry
  • Organizes the show jury (live juried shows)
  • Organizes and oversees the collection and hanging of selected work.
  • Produces labels for the pieces in the show
  • Ensures show is publicized...with publicity subcommittee, online, social media, etc
  • Organizes show awards, if any, which are usually presented by the Chapter President
  • Oversees the Publicity Subcommittee which coordinates production and distribution of printed and/or digital posters for shows if needed, and coordinates interviews with local media outlets
  • Sends images of Award Winners to Vancouver for inclusion in Art Avenue
  • Sends results to Vancouver for records


8.  DEMOS: (x3 people)
     Appointed Position

  • Arranges for a demonstrator at a chapter meeting.  
  • Takes suggestions from membership, contacts potential demo artists, picks one, ensures that they have proper set up for demo, introduces them, ensures they get paid.  (Most demo artists bring everything they need) 
  • This is a fun and relatively easy position for any member (even a newbie) who would like to get more involved.  


     Appointed Position

  • The chapter no longer organizes workshops, so there is no set job description.  However, if you would like to organize a chapter sponsored workshop, please do step forward.


      Appointed Position

  • Updates and maintains website - News, Show info, member roster, member pages, meeting minutes etc 
  • Posts chapter and member news on Facebook & Twitter


11. PUBLICITY  *now a subcommittee under the direction of the SHOW CHAIR

  • assists with production and distribution of printed and/or digital posters for shows if needed
  • arranges for interviews with local media outlets
  • helps with roadside show signs


      Appointed Position

  • Brings yummy (food-safe prepared) treats to Chapter meetings.  


      Appointed Position

  • Stores and maintains archive of (hard copy) materials related to chapter events.  Photos, newspaper clippings, etc. 


      Appointed Position

  • Sends news and photos of shows and other chapter events to Art Avenue for inclusion in magazine


     Appointed Position

  • Attends Executive and Chapter meetings. Takes on tasks not already assigned to other positions. For example, for 2014 our Member at Large has coordinated our pre-meeting critique sessions.


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