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Birgit Coath - AFCA

Birgit Coath, AFCA

Birgit’s work is a manifestation of her personal journey.

Even as a child she examined her environment of difficulty, she trained her senses to go beyond the apparent and question accepted logic. Out of this grew a creativity that served in her corporate years and continued in her profession as a garden designer and now as an artist.

Fascination with light and dark as well as architectural elements is evident in her subjects.  A spiritual thread runs through her work.

Clearly, her life’s experience is a great teacher and is her inspiration. To further her technical skills she has studied with the Vancouver Art Academy, and has been tutored by artists of note. Birgit is privileged to be coached by world renowned artist, Donna Zhang who has been the catalyst of a significant shift in the style and quality of her work.
At the artist community of San Miguel de Allende she studied with Sam Seaman and Jonathon Williams. Here her work was influenced by the architecture, magical light and colors of that community. Now, she is happily ensconced in the prolific art community of central Vancouver Island, enjoying the natural and inspirational beauty of the Pacific Northwest in Canada.



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