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Clare Turcott

March, 2019

An Artist who is active with The Qualicum Old School House Arts Centre and its affiliate, Tosh 10, has displayed and sold paintings, drawings and collages within the last 10 years. Her philosophy is to share ideas and insights with individuals as individuals. Visual media is a wonderful way of achieving this intent. Favourite media include oils, charcoal, coloured pencils and collage materials such as rice paper stretched over metal wire on handmade paper.

Collage artwork has a light and playful abstract quality. Oil paintings and drawings originate from outdoor meanderings. A 'nature' girl from get go as long as she can remember, her interests include Amateur astronomy and anything 'Science'. These interests have a way of finding their way into her love of art & photography. Being creative is central to all of us and a belief it is something we all should share. Everyday is new and has the prospect of creative potential, whatever it is we do, spending time with family and friends or quietly working by ourselves. The world is a gift to share in art.

 Clare Turcott

Our Tosh 10 group are all Arrowsmith FCA members. Each of us spends 2+ studio days at The Qualicum Old School House Arts Centre Tosh 10 Gallery. Visitors often watch us working and we enjoy spending time explaining our techniques and discussing ideas about our works.

Phone #: 250-468-1609
email: turcottr@icloud.com



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