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Interested in displaying your art at the Beach Club Hotel in Parksville?


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Artist on Display

Donna Baspaly

August, 2018


Donna Baspaly

"My personal growth is synonymous with my artwork. The process of creation forces me to reach deep inside myself and then expand as far outwardly as I am capable. With any subject, my goal is to express the higher self with integrity."

Donna Baspaly's art career spans over forty years. She has exhibited world wide and has earned many prestigious awards including the Silver and Bronze Medals, the Award of Excellence at the Federation of Canadian Artists' Signature (FCA) Medal Shows. Donna earned both her Signature Status, SFCA from the FCA as well as from The Northwest Water Color Society (U.S.A.) NWWS.

Donna was the Chairperson for the International AIM FOR ARTS exhibition earning her a lifetime membership with the FCA.  Baspaly is part of the FCA Standard’s Committee and was an annual juror for five years at the Pacific Rim International Miniature Art Contest. She is also a sought after popular workshop instructor, mentor as well as a juror. She has been published in several International art magazines and art books

Baspaly’s designs have been featured in an exclusive line of Signature bedding for the Daniadown Company. Her art forms part of corporate collections and is used by Vancouver's leading Interior designers. Canadian Art Prints has chosen images for prints and cards. Her private studio is in Qualicum, B.C.




 Guidelines for Showing Paintings at the Beach Club Resort Hotel in Parksville


It is wise to check out the cases at the Beach Club before you decide what work you wish to display.


• The cases are through the front entrance and to the right beyond reception.

• There are 5 display cases W 29” x H 46” x D 51/2”

• Vertical paintings are a better fit

• Two smaller paintings will work as well.

• As the lighting in each case is a simple pot light at the top of each case, a thinner frame allows more light on your work. The wider Gallery canvases will be acceptable.

• The background in the cases is charcoal so lighter works with dark frames work well.

 There is a 15% commission on sold pieces The Beach Club will handle the sales and issue a cheque to the artist.


Check list for your showing:

1.  A bio on 8x11sheet of paper. It will be mounted in a frame that is on site. One with a photo is preferable.

2. Labels for your work will be prepared for you by Pat Carroll at patriciacarroll@shaw.ca. For continuity in the display we ask you to not make your own as we have the logo and we add “For sales please see the front desk staff”
a) Please send your information: Title, medium, price, your name, and FCA status to Pat at least 10 days beforehand so she can prepare your labels and send them back to you on pdf file. You can then print them out on card stock or paper.
b) Please mount them on foam core or matt board.

3. A price list of all your pieces with Title and Price and your contact information, i.e.name, phone, email, and address on a separate 8x11 piece of paper. This information is for the staff to notify you of sales of your work.

4. A photo and bio of yourself to janet_hilts@hotmail.com for our website to announce who is the Artist of the Month at the Beach Club.

5. On hanging day please bring a hammer, measuring tape if needed, and hangers, preferably not too large, and putty for mounting your labels.

We ask that you please do not disturb the staff at the reception desk.


All arrangements to hang your art work are made with Jacqueline Smith and in my absence Laura Hilts.

Contact: Jacqueline Smith at watercolorjac@gmail.com 250 468-9209

               Laura Hilts at laurahilts@gmail.com 250 248-4529





Jacqueline Smith

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